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My story is a little different. I cannot say that I jumped excitedly onto the kitchen counter to bake my first cake with my grandmother or mother, nor can I say that I was inspired by their brilliant cooking techniques. Growing up, I was fascinated by the complex chemical reactions occurring in both, nature and the human body. I was glued to Science books, and would often sit in a corner of my room, listen to my favourite music and read ‘The Scientific American’ page to page. I was a happy nerd.

I worked hard to make my dream of attending one of the best Science institutions in the world, Imperial College London, a reality. When I returned home for the summer break, my boredom pushed me to bake a cake. To my surprise, the kitchen felt like a science lab from a fairytale movie – a magical space where the possibilities of experimenting were endless. I was in love.

My degree became my trump card, as it strengthened my understanding of the science of baking substantially. For instance, I was aware of the structure of gluten strands and their reaction with different ingredients. This knowledge not only helped me select the best recipes out of hundreds, but also made me capable of creating something of my own.  Soon after my graduation, I enrolled myself at Le Cordon Bleu London, and graduated with a Diploma in Pastry Arts. I felt confident that I belonged in this field.

For years, I worked sincerely to create products that were balanced in sweetness, texture and flavour. From the most basic sponge to the more complex batters and doughs, my aim was to ensure that my desserts were “just right”, a.k.a, ‘Lagom’.

We aspire to not only cater products that tantalise your tastebuds, but also those that stir your emotions to brighten up your day.



I come from a family of food lovers. My mother, a woman with an incredible hand at cooking, started a successful catering company with my father 35 years ago. As a child, I was awestruck by their determination and perseverance. I watched them put their blood, sweat and tears into work,  to give my brother and I a privileged life. At the age of 18, I joined the family venture part-time, in an effort to give it the growth that it deserved. While my friends spent their free time socialising and enjoying college life, I spent time in the catering business.

After receiving my degree in Journalism, I joined my parents full-time, and completed my post-graduate diploma in Business Administration. I have now been in the food and hospitality industry for over a decade, and feel truly grateful for the priceless experience that I possess.

However, I must break the bubble and admit that my lifestyle was not ‘Lagom’.  Lagom is the Swedish art of living a balanced, healthy life. I, on the other hand, worked too hard and played too little, and constantly put work before myself. I realised that it was time for a drastic change. I spent a month in the Himalayas at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Mountaineering, which encouraged me to trek up to the Mount Everest basecamp. During this time, I discovered my true love for nature, travel and fitness. I also backpacked alone across Europe and Asia. These experiences brought forth very positive changes within me. I developed a new-found gratitude for this beautiful Scandinavian concept. ‘Lagom’ is therefore very personal and special to me.

Tazeen and I believe that our individual differences make us a balanced duo. We hope that together we can create a brand that you will love. Let’s create our own ‘Lagom’ community!



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