Do you sell vegan and gluten free options?

Yes, we do bake these upon request

Do you make fondant cakes?

We use fondant for our figures and decorations but do not cover any of our cakes in fondant. We only use swiss buttercream or whipped cream as a coating.

Do you have eggless options?

Yes we do have a selection of eggless bakes. Any of our cakes on the menu can be made eggless.

Do you follow government guidelines for Covid?

Yes we ensure that all our staff wear masks up to their nose at all times, use gloves when necessary and wash their hands frequently and get tested for Covid regularly. Our team is double vaccinated.

Is there parking outside the store?

Parking is available on both sides of Assaye Road.

Do you ship to other parts of India?

Yes we can courrier some of our products such as cookies and cinnamon buns that have a longer shelf life

Do you use cake premixes?

No, all of our cakes and creams are made from scratch using no shortcuts. We are a small scale bakery, highly focused on quality.

Do you have baking classes?

We can consider this upon request depending on our availability.

Do you deliver across Bangalore?



We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.

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